Quick and accurate method to scribe skirting and dado rails using a router.|Cuts precise scribes in just 15 seconds using a medium duty router with a 30mm guide bush fitted.|Fully variable, cuts left and right hand scribes.|Up to ten times faster than manual scribes.|Up to 195mm tall boards and maximum 32mm thickness.|Minimum length of component is 300 mm.|Scribes profiles into kitchen plinths.|Scribes warped boards accurately.|Can be used on out-of-plumb walls.|Includes HSS 4mm spiral 1/4-inch shank router cutter and comb aligning tool.|Made from High Pressure Laminate for stability.|Requires a medium or heavy duty plunge router.|Patent No. GB2441513.|A Unibase may be required for certain makes and models of router.

Scribe-Master Pro c/w cutter

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